Why have we created this site?

You may be aware that glyphosate recently underwent a periodic regulatory review within the European Union. Glyphosate is a critical tool farmers can use to protect their crops from weeds that steal water and nutrients. A final decision on the renewal of glyphosate’s license was eventually reached, extending the licence for just five years instead of the standard 15.

When it comes to glyphosate, too much of what we’ve seen online is fuelled by speculation, myth and rumour. That’s why this site was created to present facts and truths from the world’s leading independent scientific organisations, sharing what is known about glyphosate, how it works and how regulators ensure its safe use.

Unjustified restrictions on the use of a tool as important as glyphosate would have a profoundly negative impact on millions of people in Europe; not just the farmers, growers and conservationists but also on consumers too, who would suffer from a significant rise in CO2 production and inflationary food prices. But don’t take our word for it, discover what the experts say right here.

Thank you.