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You could eat 450 boxes of cereal every day and still be below EFSA's safe exposure levels for glyphosate.
How could a complete ban on the use of pesticides, like glyphosate, affect CO2 emissions?
How exactly does glyphosate assist in reducing farm emissions?
As these numbers show, farming has reduced its carbon dioxide output since 1990.
What are the risks to food production from removing glyphosate?
What role does glyphosate have in helping farmers produce our food?
Just how much food does the population of the entire world need?
Three out of four World Health Organization programs agree on glyphosate safety.
When it comes to the assessment of pesticide risk just whose voice should you be listening to?
What exactly is the IARC's evidence that glyphosate is a 'probable carcinogen'?
Glyphosate is one of the safest and most rigorously tested pesticides in the world.
It takes 3,000 beers to exceed Germany's maximum daily intake of glyphosate. *BfR: Provisional assessment of glyphosate contents in beer (Feb 2016).